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JSMSTrade is a small and simple Java Application to use with SMSTRADE and can be downloaded for free.

Sun Feb 8th 2009 - JSMSTrade v0.3 released

This version only includes a major bugfix. Sadly, v0.2 was not able to deliver any SMS messages. This has been fixed by now :)

Mon Feb 2nd 2009 - JSMSTrade v0.2 released

The second version of JSMSTrade just has been released. The changes are as follows: The application is now using the english language and is not in german anymore. Also a small bugfix has been included: The input area will not freeze after typing more than 160 chars.

Tue Jun 24th 2008 - JSMSTrade v0.1 released

The first working version of JSMSTrade has been released. Have a lot of fun with it :-)